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About wrinkle on head cap

Hi dear,


I’ve some complain about wrinkle on head cap.

I can say it’s always my problem about this wrinkle, it’s REALLY hard to remove it. ;w;

even when i fix it on resin surface, it still hard to remove.

but i do my best to make sure that wrinkle is not appear on doll face.

I really sorry about it and must apologize to all of my customer.

and thank you so much for your understand. m(; _ ; )m


…Now i can fix this problem. \; O; / as you can see in this picture.

(left is #14 head cap, previous doll’s head cap almost like this. / right is #15 head cap, i think it’s the best i can do.)



because i just change my supply.

in the past i used Ladoll normal type which was a bit dry. It’s really hard to make smooth surface.

but when i change to used Ladoll Premix, I really surprise that i can remove wrinkle and make smooth surface VERY easy…….O_o

i though i’m really fool….for a long time….

I’m really sorryyyyy *sob*

(that’s why i wonder, almost japanese doll artist almost use normal type mix with premier type or others. )

i promise i’ll make the doll even more better. ;v;

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