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[Important notice] about new sell plan

Hi dear, :)

I’m not good to used formal notice, so please feel free to read and think this notice is just talk from me.

and i’m sorry for my poor english too. ;w;


I always has problem about make stable sell plan. if you buy doll head from me in the past, you can saw.

I’ve no plan, no fix sale schedule, try to used many sell method and model from other company. there were not fit for me.*sob*

I also not good for make doll character, promote picture, or take picture. (in the last, my camera was broken….OTL)

I just want to make doll only. i know i need to manage all of thing but there’re so hard to do, and make me had no time to develop doll making skill.

(doll making is not my main work, now it’s my hobby but i hope it can be my main work in future.;///; i really love to make doll and really happy to see pp play with them)

in the past i has my friend help me but they’ve their own work so i don’t want to disturb them. ;w;

so, i’ve new sell plan. If it work i’ll use it in the future, forever. *lol* hope you don’t feel uneasy about it.


I’m just individual artist, so i want to get close to you, all lovely customer, and do some fun thing i just need to do random with you.>w<


My new sell plan detail as followed>>


because i’m not comfort to manage old doll’s sell schedule, so i don’t open pre-order for old head anymore.

but you can make group order to me if you want, all head is avaliable. 

minimum head for order is 8-10 head per mold , and you can add other mold at least 3 heads with main order.

EX. #09 / ns7 / ws3 =10pcs.
can add #10 /ns3 and #06 /ns5

you can send your group order to my email :

*for group order , shipping fees is free.


If you don’t comfort to make group order, you can wait until i have other group order.

i’ll make over order and put the rest in my store. you can check and buy them.

*for the head which over 6 months, i’ll keep them out or make discount.


for new head, i’ll open pre-order in my store at only once.

if you want to make order after that time, you can check my store(in-stock item) or make group order.

or i’ll open it in special season. (now i’ve no plan, sorry.)


- If you have Dollgru picture, you can send your child’s picture to me by email.

(i’ve guest gallery in the past, but it has a lot of spam. i must delete guset board.;__; i really sorry to do that.)

i’ll upload your picture in guest board myself.^^ i’ve a little gift for all pp who send picture as 10$ discount for next order.

(you make normal payment and i’ll send refund to you. please let me know in detail box in order form)

if i  especially like your picture and need to post them in main gallery, i’ll make discount for you up to 75$ for your next order.X3

* discount cannot be excanged for cash. it’s for person who own picture only.

*  picture of 1 mold / 1 discount / buy 1 head only.
ex. if you send picture of 2 set of 2 mold, you can get 2 discount but can’t used 2 discount to buy 1 head. (2 heads are OK)

* if you’ve any question, please feel free to ask me.^^

* please send at least 1 original picture (full resolution pic without edit) to approve it owned by you.

you can send picture to email : /
by topic [Gallery]


about my email, sorry that i’ve many mail because i want to separate general used from order used.

for contact >> /

for order>>

for paypal payment>>




For my next, Dollgru #15 head. It’s Special.
sale period will open around next month.(mid of May)
i’ll update picture in a few days.

because I renovate my house. (from termite problem.;__;) i’ve no enough money to make sample of next head.

and i also not have time or thing to make promo picture.(if i wait, it’ll take a longgggg time to release him)  so i’ll open order from posting original head only.

i’ll try to take many picture most as i can.


so, i’ve promotion for this event.^w^

**all order have chance for lucky draw.\^O^/

1. new head, you can choose it by choice. (from all head which was sold in my shop. white or normal skin)

2. old head, (more than 1 year aged.) random please.

3. free face-up

4. all order will get 1 junk head. (random) to used as practice head.^^

*Junk head have remark and black spot in their face. you can think it’s beauty mark. *lol

*prize quantity is up to order. if many orders, 1st prize will increase. if a few orders, 1st prize is still avaliable.

*prize cannot be exchanged to cash or discount.


If you need to wait for promo picture, i’ll open #15 pre-order agian in my store.^^ but have no lucky draw.

(after next time, i’ll not open pre-order in my store. please make group order yourself.)


Hope you enjoy and will join this event!

Many thanks for your always support.>w<♥♥



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